About Us

Agrotech is a consulting firm offer experienced services in the area of Grain Storage and Handling Facilities, Dairy Farming, Beef/Mutton Feedlot Operations, Milk Collection and Processing, Semen Production Unit, Poultry Farming, Livestock, Aqua and Poultry Feed Milling.

The services provided have extended from feasibility studies to commissioning of complete facilities, and training of operation and management staff.

We offer response oriented services that adapts to each client’s specific needs. This adaptability is a result of the broad range of experience. Our project management experience extends the range of services available from the company by allowing effective coordination of the efforts of other individuals and firms. Together with our own personal we create production teams that can satisfy the needs of any project.

The province of the Punjab is our primary focus. Services are also extended to clients at national level with emphasis on the livestock and livestock – industrial sectors, feed milling industry, flour milling industry and rice industry. We represent Brock, USA & several other US & European companies for the territory of Pakistan.

Our Services

Project Development and Feasibility Studies

- Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies
- Concept Planning and Preliminary Design
- Capital & Operating Cost Estimation
- System & Process Analysis / Optimization
- Site Selection & Evaluation

Project Management

- Detailed Design
- Project Team Development
- Commissioning

Special Services

- Standard Operation Manuals
- Training programs of Project Personals
- Computer Applications


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